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Adopted Cows can Clean up Israel

What role does your adoptee play on Kibbutz Lotan?

Adopted Cows provide healthy milk for the residents of Lotan. They are such big givers that their milk is sold through the regional dairy to be sold as dairy products throughout Israel.

All of the dairy’s manure is composted along with the community’s organic waste. This compost nourishes the Center for Creative Ecology’s educational organic gardens.

This high quality natural fertilizer is also utilized for regional agriculture production which supplies healthy vegetables and fruit to the Israeli and European markets.

The Dairy is an integral part of Lotan’s future Wastewater Treatment Fields. The dairy’s water will be biologically treated and safely recycled for unlimited agricultural use utilizing reed beds and water plants. This constructed wetland will be a safe haven and central component of the Migratory Bird Park.

The local ecosystem benefits thanks to the dairy and the Adopt-A-Cow project.

Adopt A Cow on Lotan and participate in our community’s work! Your Mootual Shares provide funding for our work in education, development and outreach.

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