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The EcoExperience Program

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BeccaWe realize that many people want to experience our unique ecological education programs but don't have several months available for their studies. For this reason we have started a two week hands-on opportunity to allow those with a little less time to discover the challenges involved with the design, building and running of sustainable communities, linking together ecological, social, economical and spiritual aspects into a unified whole. Practical skills are developed through hands-on work in our environmental education center, organic gardens, alternative/natural building projects and the Lotan Nature and Migratory Bird Reserve, complemented by theoretical sessions in topics such as ecological design, permaculture and sustainability. Practical work includes:

  • Organic gardening
  • Natural & alternative building with mud, straw and straw bales, tires and recycled waste
  • Creative recycling - creating art and usable objects with discarded materials
  • Expansion, maintenance and running of the Center for Creative Ecology
  • Development and upkeep of the nature reserve and nature trails
  • Setting up workshops for educational tour groups

AmitWork hours are 5:30 -14:00 (Sunday -Thursday) with a break for breakfast in the middle. Some hours will be spent working closely with a supervisor, other times the participants will be working in a group on their own. Between four to eight hours of educational activities will take place each week.
EcoExperience participants pay for their room and board while they stay with us, $40 per day. The minimum length for the program is two weeks.


EcoExperience participants live in the EcoCampus - a prototype model for sustainable living that is a learning experience in itself. Living quarters are super-insulated straw-bale and mud geodesic domes, built on-site by previous course participants. The domes are generally shared by 2 people and are equipped with mattresses, pillows, linens, and towels. In the winter the rooms warm up from passive solar heating and in the summer passive cooling procedures abate the desert heat.  The Ecocampus ground lighting is powered by solar panels.  Composting (no water) toilets and showers are shared and graywater systems help to conserve water.  A communal kitchen with a refrigerator, gas range, traditional biomass bread oven and solar ovens is available for you to cook some meals and store food and drinks. Three meals a day are served in the kibbutz communal dining hall (except Thursday and Saturday evenings).  The EcoCampus is a home to our interns, students and the EcoExperience participants: the daily challenges of living together as a micro-community in this low-impact environment form an integral part of the learning experience.

Not just work...

sunflowerThroughout the entire EcoExperience program students are encouraged to take part in cultural / religious events on the kibbutz and in the region that occur periodically. There is also sometimes an opportunity to tag along on tours to local points of interest, neighboring kibbutzim, other ecological projects, and hikes in the region around Lotan. The Kibbutz has a pub on Friday nights, football (soccer) matches on Saturdays and a fabulous swimming pool to cool off in the afternoon which is open from Pesach through Sukkot. The tourist city of Eilat and the Red Sea is only 55 Km away.

Minimum requirements

  • Age 18-40
  • Basic English or Hebrew
  • Good physical fitness
  • Motivation to work in practical ecology
  • Able to work in harsh desert climate
  • Full travel & medical insurance

EcoExperience program at Kibbutz Lotan - Contact info

Download the Application Form.


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