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Put the Earth in Your Hands…Lotan’s Unique Opportunities to Learn Practical Ecology

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Sustainable Israel

Sustainable Israel develops professional skills through an intensive theoretical and applied fellowship in sustainable development.  This unique fellowship builds innovative capacities that participants will take with them as a “tool kit” for sustainable development.  Participants study permaculture design and sustainable development, ecological agriculture and architecture, Ecovillage design, natural building, renewable energies including solar and biogas, rainwater collection, community building, group dynamics  Read more…

Intensive 7 Week Green Apprenticeship Program

In our work/study sustainable design & management program, participants gain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in alternative building, organic gardening, and community planning. Participants learn how to understand and create alternative solutions for the issues facing the modern world. Read more…

EcoExperience Program

Two week hands-on opportunity for folk interested in the design, building and running of sustainable communities that link together ecological, social, economical and spiritual aspects into a unified whole.Read more…

Bring your Community, Business or School

Custom tailored seminars and retreats for congregations, university students and organizations -- The staff of the Center for Creative Ecology has much experience working with children of all ages as well as adults of varied backgrounds. Please contact our Tourism Office for more information.

Magic Mud Building Workshops

Our hands-in-the-mud workshops give you the skills to incorporate natural building with earth plasters in your home's construction and interior design. Please contact our Tourism Office for dates of upcoming workshops or to schedule a private course for a group of friends or your business.

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The Center Green Apprenticeship Program The Team
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Presented by The Center for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz Lotan
in partnership with Gaia Education
based on the Ecovillage Design Curriculum -  an official contribution to the UNDESD -  United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Gaia Education is a program of the Global Ecovillage Network


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