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About Kibbutz Lotan

Nestled in the Arava Valley

Kibbutz Lotan is a young community situated in the Arava Desert in the south of Israel. We are far away from urban Israel in a quiet area, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Lotan was established in 1983 by graduates of the Reform Jewish youth movements from Israel and overseas. We came together to create a community based on a modern, liberal approach to Judaism that strives to fulfill values of equality between the sexes, equality in work, and genuine communication between people.


Before anything else we are a community

Lotan’s population is equally divided between native-born Israelis and immigrants from all over the world. Hebrew is the commonly used language but English isalso spoken. Our economy is based on date plantations, dairy, tourism, holistic health center, mariculture and various professions held by members who work outside of the kibbutz. Presently we number 55 adult members and around 60 children.

Kibbutz Lotan maintains a co-operative lifestyle in which means of production and resources are shared. We are members of the “Co-operative Stream” in the Kibbutz Movement.


During the Green Apprenticeship, the experience and worldview of Lotan is utilized as a case study for focusing on group process and community building. The ideas and ideals behind our way of life and projects are discussed,including talks about kibbutz economics and social structure. Students areencouraged to take part in cultural/ religious events on the kibbutz and in the region that occur throughout the program.

The Green Apprenticeship also uses trips to neighboring kibbutzim as comparisons for different ways of structuring communities and integrates hikes in the region around Lotan to give students a taste of the history and background.


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