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Daily Production of the EcoCampus PV system

Interactive Electricity Production Displays - place curser on edges of charts to scroll through data and click the cog in the bottom right corner to view the Details (numerical data):

The EcoCampus PV system was installed by Yarok4U and commissioned on 29 November 2012. It is a 16.485 kWp power plant of 58 ET Solar panels, each with a rated production of 280-295 Watts. A single SMA Sunny 15000TL three phase inverter connects the system to the grid at 240 volts. Annual production is projected to be 28,000 kWh (1,700 kWh/kWp) that will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 20 tons per year (Israel's CO2 emissions from electricity production is 700 grams CO2/kWh).

The panels are mounted 2.2 to 3.3 meters above the ground which allows for them to dissipate heat more effectively than when mounted on a rooftop. The array has a slope of 5 degrees (most arrays in Israel are mounted at an incline of 30 degrees) in order shift production from a yearly maximum yield to a summer maximal production to correspond with the peak demand due to air conditioning for cooling.

The 100 square meters of solar panels doubles as a shade shed atop Kibbutz Lotan's recycling collection station and ecology education classroom. It provides electricity to the 10 Dome-atories and communal facilities of the EcoCampus Neighborhood (over 250 square meters of living space) and also offsets the carbon associated with the Green Apprenticeship Permaculture and Ecovillage Design programs and the Peace, Justice & Environment Academic Semester.

The EcoCampus dome-atories are exceptionally energy efficient, passive solar buildings. They are heated solely by sunlight in the winter and use less than half of the electricity needed to cool conventional buildings in this extreme desert climate. The walls are earth plastered straw bales on an earthquake resistant geodesic framework of steel pipe. The EcoCampus serves as an active example of combining efficient solar systems with energy conserving buildings constructed from sustainable materials to make carbon neutral neighborhoods. Click HERE for more information about the EcoCampus's design and research reports.

Solar panels for Lotan's Eco Campus

SOLAR photovoltaic panels produce CLEAN ENERGY by harnessing the energy of SUNLIGHT. Using solar panels is an act of TIKKUN OLAM as there is NO POLLUTION or CARBON DIOXIDE emitted into the atmosphere when generating ELECTRICITY. Solar panels in ISRAEL's southern ARAVA produce more electricity than almost any populated area in the WORLD. Solar energy will REDUCE Israel's use of fossil fuels, and will further the MITZVAH of creating a clean free ATMOSPHERE for all of us. Lotan's ECOCAMPUS will be a CARBON - NEUTRAL neighborhood. It serves as a living classroom for SUSTAINABLE systems.

Participate in our development

Help us to develop our Net Zero Energy Student EcoCampus Neighborhood: An Eco-Responsible Way to Reduce Ecological Footprints is to convert sunlight into clean electricity using Solar Panels!
A 280 Watt Solar Panel costs $850.

Each year this panel will produce 450 kWhr (kilowatt hours) of electricity and over 9,000 KWhr during its lifetime - enough to power an average American household for 11 months and keep 14,000 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere!

The EcoCampus PV System has 58 Solar Panels to reduce 400 tons of CO2 emissions & power the EcoCampus - Join With Us and Offset Your Carbon Emissions!

The average North American adult lifestyle emits roughly 23 tons of carbon dioxide each year. This would be offset by purchasing 3 solar panels for our EcoCampus. Consider ways to reduce where you can and purchase offsets such as our solar panels to support a healthy future.

Lotan Leads Greening Efforts in Israel by developing many earth-caring technologies and environmental education programs. We invite you to Join With Us Acting Locally and Thinking Globally. Make Your Donation Online or mail check to:
Friends of Lotan
Susan Cicelsky
1111 Ontario St., Oak Park, IL 60302
Tel: 914-525-1220
100% of donation goes to Kibbutz Lotan's Center for Creative Ecology

The Center for Creative Ecology is supported by the Tzell Hatamar Foundation, Israel, reg. non-profit society 580347029 and The Friends of Lotan - USA 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization number EIN 542185078.

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