Kibbutz Lotan, ecotourism, birds, birdwatching, Israel, Eilat
Kibbutz Lotan, ecotourism, birds, birdwatching, Israel, Eilat
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Welcome to Lotan Tourism

Natural Health at Lotan
Holistic treatments, Watsu (Shiatsu in Water), Homeopathy and more..
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Watsu (Shiatsu in water) at KIbbutz Lotan

Lodging & Leisure at Lotan.
Enjoy a hostel-like country lodging and kibbutz cuisine in an unparalleled desert atmosphere.
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Lodging and Leisure at Lotan

Birding Israel
Explore Israel's leading birdwatchign website. Up to date field reports, rare sightings and birding tours.
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Birdwatching at Kibbutz Lotan

Southern Israel Tours
with David Schoneveld. Tours surrounding Lotan, Desert tours, Camel tours, Holistic Timna, Hai Bar..
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Holistic Timna

Eco Workshops at Lotan
Workshop, courses, day tours, eco-building techniques. Explore a world of eco opportunities >>

סדנאות בנייה אלטרנטיבית

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Write to us or better still come and meet the friendly faces of the Lotan Team and Community.
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Lotan's friendly faces
Kibbutz Lotan, birds, birdwatching, ecotourism, Israel, ecology, Eilat, Arava Valley

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Tel: +972 054 9799030
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